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Ivana Knježević

27 March 2017

Pastoral Coordinator; English B, UWC Mostar

The opening of the United World College Mostar in 2006 marked also the beginning of Ivana's UWC experience. At first she was employed as an English B teacher and Houseparent, then in the second term of that year she was also assigned to the position of Pastoral Coordinator. Ivana’s UWC initiation was a hectic one, just like life within the UWC community always is. These roles keep on awarding her with a great opportunity to meet students, not just inside a classroom, but also in residences, within every aspect of the community. There is an inexhaustible well of constant learning, new realizations, enlightenments.


“This is a job which does not allow one to stagnate, but to constantly learn, investigate, upgrade one's skills, widen one’s horizons. Being myself from Bosnia and Herzegovina and therefore a direct witness of all its complexities, I feel truly blessed to belong to this community, to be right here, taking concrete steps together with my colleagues and our students to building something promising.”