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About UWC Bermuda

UWC Bermuda has been sending Bermudians to United World Colleges since 1963. 
Over 100 Bermudian students have joined the UWC movement over the years, and we are excited that YOU may be next!  

The Bermuda National Committee comprises a dedicated group of volunteers, all of them Bermudian alumni of United World Colleges. All alumni are welcome to join the UWC Committee, and all current students and alumni are encouraged to attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and other UWC Bermuda Events.

The Bermuda National Committee comprises dedicated alumni.  The Chair is Sean Smatt (UWC-USA), Deputy Chair is Zayna Foggo (Mahindra UWC India), Secretary is Carolyn Thomas Ray (UWC Atlantic), Treasurer is Sarah Maybury (UWC Costa Rica).  Floating National Committee members are Dr. Chantelle Simmons (UWC Pearson), Julie Lynn (UWC Hong Kong), Kai Musson (UWC Hong Kong). Lisa Murray (UWC Pearson) and Meredith Andrews (UWC Atlantic).

UWC Bermuda offers a scholarship programme which covers the cost of tuition and board for the two year International Baccalaureate programme to qualified applicants, depending on financial need.

UWC Bermuda's mailing address is P.O. Box HM 2175, Hamilton HM JX, Bermuda.