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Procedure and Online Application



Step 1: Check your eligibility

Please check your eligibility under the Eligibility Criteria tab.

Step 2: Talk to your parents or guardian

We can only accept applications which are supported by your parents or guardians if you are under the age of 18 years. Tell them about the UWC movement and show them this website so that they can support you throughout the process.  There will be an information session in November, 2023.  Please check under our Information Session and Applications tab or email for details.  We expect to be able to confirm by early October.

Step 3: Choose your referees

Two references are required, one academic reference and one general references. The academic reference should be completed by a teacher, and the general references should be completed by someone who has worked with you in a non-academic setting (such as a scouting/guiding leader, a supervisor in extra-curricular activities, or someone you have volunteered for).  All referees should be able to speak of your abilities and interests.

Step 4: Get your school reports

We require both the (i) current mid-year and (ii) most recent end-of- year school reports.

Step 5: Submit your Application Form

Applications will be accepted online.  

Application link is HTTP://

Applicants will be asked to complete extensive and detailed financial assessment forms to allow the Bermuda National Committee to make a needs-based assessment should the applicant be seeking funding assistance.  Only the financial envelopes of successful applicants are opened; unsuccessful candidates will have their financial information returned to them unopened. 

Financial information does not affect the merit-based ranking of candidates.

Step 6: Interviews

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to participate in an informal group session and to sit a formal interview with the selection panel.  Interviews will take place in February.

Step 7: Allocation of Places and Scholarships

Following the final shortlist, the candidates are ranked, and a formal offer process begins between the UWC Bermuda and the candidates.

The selections team will allocate all successful applicants to colleges. This will be decided based upon your preferences, maturity, interests, and various other factors, but we cannot guarantee specific colleges. 

Bursaries are awarded based on demonstrated need. The amount of funding support available will always be specified at the same time as a place is offered.

Once we have allocated all the places, we will let you know whether you were successful and if so, which college place you have been offered.

Step 8: School and College Notification

Once a candidate and family have completed a formal acceptance of the position offered by UWC Bermuda, the candidate is nominated to the relevant college In March.  The college will then notify the candidate of their acceptance. This may take some weeks to process. 

Applicants must have a valid passport (or currently have their passport application with Immigration) in order to eliminate any risk of a visa delay that would impact attendance at the start of the school year.